Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Ani-Dictators Ep1.1: Code Gayass

We are back bitches, and I mean officially. We plan to come out with new episodes every two weeks, which we plan to stick to. This episode is really long but our quality is much better with a brand new mic which captures us much more evenly. We have added a new section called Buried Treasures, make sure to check it out homies. Our mypodcast site is now our secondary site which will act as our server and our blogger is our primary site. I will post all the episodes on mypodcast.com and then direct link them on a post on blogger. Our blogger will have written reviews as well so make sure to check that out. A new feature on our blogger site is if you click on the anime, manga, other, or buried treasure section it will take you to that information page on MAL (Myanimelist).

Download Here
(right click and save as or click and listen via your browser)

Fallen101 - Matt
Sorrow667 - Sam
Ninjashrub - Zach


Zach - Code Geass R2
Matt - Master Mosquiton
Sam - Metal Armor Dragonar
Group - Darker than Black

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