Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Ani-Dictators Ep3: The Sunrise Special

NOTE: These episodes are re-releases so expect to hear old news about how we are so excited about the Iron Man movie coming out. I think we record these back in 07-08. Hope you like our comeback! Make sure to check out episode 1.1, its our NEWEST show. Our email has changed and we no longer have a myspace just as a reminder.

NOTE: This episode might sound different than the others due to editing mistakes. We apologize for the poor audio in this stand alone episode.

Yes, that's right just about everything we talk about today is by Sunrise!!! We get into some news and mention Otaku Center. Matt begins with his review of Tenchi Univerise, Zach gets funky while reviewing Cowboy Bebop, and finally Sam has his long review of Gundam 0083. Thanks to you all who have been listening to our show. Email us, we want to hear what you think of us and your anime interests.

Question: What's your favorite SCi-fi Anime, manga, or live-action movie! Email us your answer and give a brief description.


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