Friday, July 17, 2009

The Ani-Dictators Ep:1.1.5: FYI

Some of you may be sitting at your desktop wondering, 'Why in God's name is the new episode called episode 1.1? Why not episode 14?' Well, I figured I'd go ahead and answer those questions here because I don't think we really did that in the episode, and we should have. Too much outside stimuli for us to cope with I guess.

We are calling the new episode 1.1 because, although it is the same hosts and setup you have grown accustomed to, it is by no means the same podcast. No, we've added so many things and we're changing things continuously, from the addition of the blog, to a new section entitled 'Buried Treasures', to the semi-regular appearance of vidcasts, and most importantly the varying of what we review.

Like I said, the layout of the show will really not change all that much; we'll still have our same order of operations, the same random facts and rants, and our focus will still be anime. However we are diversifying ourselves at the same time in order to give you a better, more fleshed out, podcast. That's why we decided to call it 1.1, because although it's not technically our first episode, it's our first episode in this new format.

Also, from now on the episodes will be 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 ... and keep going up until the episode after 1.9, then we'll bounce up to 2.0 and so on. We apologize if any of you were confused, it truly was not our intention. Anyway, looking forward to the new season of shows, more later.

Stay classy people.

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