Thursday, December 17, 2009

A New Type of Holiday

Alright, a friend and I officially decided that it was about time for a brand new holiday because all the old ones we know and love are beginning to get a bit stale. And don't pretend that you haven't noticed it either, I mean Colombus Day, seriously? So our new holiday is going to take place annually on January 6th and you know what it's for?

It's National Celebrate Anne Hathaway Day!

That's right, we're dedicating our holiday to one of the greatest up and coming actresses of our generation. (And besides that I think she's the most beautiful woman in the world ... but Sam disagrees so screw him.) But yeah, mark it on your calenders, reserve January 6th for Anne Hathaway.

What do you do on this day in celebration you ask, well there is a plethora of fun things you can do such as:

-Have a private festival of all her movies. (I recommend Rachel Getting Married and Get Smart)

-Make a love shrine to her. (Unless you're like me and already have one)

-Buy an Anne Hathaway Tree (Similar to a Christmas Tree but not the same.)

-Send her a letter (Could be fanmail or a love letter or whatever)

-Look for her autograph on eBay

-Look for her autograph on Amazon

-Look for her autograph on Overstock (We should be getting paid for advertising all this.)

-Begin merchandising Anne Hathaway's likeness (That's what we're trying to do, at least make t-shirts.)

-Ask for her autograph in the letter you send her

-Try to meet her in person (Not recommended)

-Try to meet her publicist in person (More recommended)

-Try to meet her hair stylist in person (Even more recommended)

-Write a sonnet about your love for Anne Hathaway

-Write a poem about your love for Anne Hathaway

-Write a song about your love for Anne Hathaway (I already did this one.)

-Try to kidnap Anne Hathaway and keep her as your sex slave (Not recommended at all)

-Dress up in an Anne Hathaway costume and go around door to door begging for candy (I doubt you'll get any)

-Go on an Anne Hathaway doll hunt (Similar to an Easter Egg Hung)

-Stay up until midnight and cheer when they announce her next movie

-Drink champagne and pretend that you're drinking it with Anne Hathaway

-Buy a lifesize cardboard cut out of Anne Hathaway to display in your front room

-Kill all the people who don't like Anne Hathaway (Not recommended but I applaud you for doing it.)

-Quote random lines from Anne Hathaway movies

-Quote lines that were never said by Anne Hathaway ever but pretend like they were

-Make your Facebook profile picture that of Anne Hathaway

-Make your Myspace profile picture that of Anne Hathaway

-Join the I <3>
-Become a fan of Anne Hathaway on Facebook (Like me)

-Add Anne Hathaway as a friend on Facebook (Like me)

-Dream about Anne Hathaway when you go to sleep that night

As you can see, there are several things you can do on Anne Hathaway Day this year so please do celebrate, and do tell your friends. Trust me people, we could have the next Christmas on our hands if we do it right. So January 6th be ready.

I love you Anne Hathaway!!! ... in a totally fan-related, non-stalker, sort of way....